De tv goden van amerika (aka: de hoge heren van CBS, NBC, Fox, USA, etc.) hebben weer besloten – en bekend gemaakt – wat er komend seizoen aan series op de beeldbuis te zien is. Zo krijgen Chuck, Dexter en True Blood een nieuw seizoen, maar zijn Mr. Sunshine en Lie To Me van de buis gehaald. Benieuwd of jou serie verlengd is? We hebben alles hier voor jullie verzameld en op een rijtje gezet.


30 Rock 90210 American Dad! Army Wives
Blue Bloods Bob’s Burgers Body of Proof Bones
Breaking Bad Burn Notice Californication Castle
Chuck [1] Community Conan Cops
Cougar Town Covert Affairs Criminal Minds CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Miami CSI: NY Desperate Housewives Dexter
Entourage Family Guy Friday Night Lights [1] Fringe
Game of Thrones Glee Gossip Girl Grey’s Anatomy
Happy Endings Harry’s Law Hawaii Five-0 House [2][3]
How I Met Your Mother Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Mad Men [4]
Mike & Molly Modern Family Nikita NCIS
NCIS: Los Angeles One Tree Hill Parenthood Parks and Recreation
Private Practice Raising Hope Rules of Engagement Sanctuary
Shameless (US) Sons of Anarchy Supernatural The Big Bang Theory
The Cleveland Show The Colbert Report The Daily Show The Good Wife
The Mentalist The Middle The Office The Ricky Gervais Show
The Simpsons The Vampire Diaries The Walking Dead Top Gear
True Blood Two and a Half Men [5] Weeds [2] White Collar

1) Laatste seizoen
2) Waarschijnlijk laatste seizoen
3) Geen Lisa Edelstein
4) De eerste aflevering zal pas in maart 2012 uitgezonden worden.
5) Charlie Sheen is vervangen door Ashton Kutcher

Afgelast of beëindigd

$#*! My Dad Says Better With You Breaking In Brothers & Sisters
Chaos Chase Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Detroit 1-8-7
Friday Night Lights Human Target Law & Order: Los Angeles Lie To Me
Life Unexpected Lone Star Mad Love Medium
Mr. Sunshine My Generation (2010) No Ordinary Family Off The Map
Outlaw Outsourced Perfect Couples Running Wilde
Smallville The Cape The Chicago Code The Defenders (2010)
The Event The Good Guys The Paul Reiser Show The Whole Truth
Traffic Light Undercovers V

Nieuwe series

2 Broke Girls
Set in New York City, the series chronicles the lives of two twentysomething waitresses — Max (Kat Dennings), who comes from a poor working-class family, and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but now down on her luck — working together at a Brooklyn restaurant. The two become fast friends and set their dreams of one day opening their own cupcake shop (in which they need to raise $25,000 in order to make it happen), even though they have to find ways to make ends meet since they can barely afford anything with the pay they receive at work.

A Gifted Man
Successful surgeon Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) runs into his ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle) unexpectedly, only to find out that she died 2 weeks earlier in a horrible accident. Michael then learns how she can help him become a better person.

Against the Wall
Against the Wall stars Rachael Carpani (NCIS: Los Angeles) as a Chicago police detective who causes a rift in her blue-collar family of cops when she joins Internal Affairs. Treat Williams (Everwood) and Kathy Baker (Medium) will also star.

Alcatraz follows Rebecca Madsen, a police officer, and Dr. Diego Soto, a “hippy geek” who is the world’s foremost expert on Alcatraz. Both will investigate the reappearance of twenty wardens and prisoners of Alcatraz in modern day, after their mysterious disappearance fifty years ago.

Allen Gregory
This animated series will follow Allen Gregory De Longpre, a precocious 7 year-old being raised by his father Richard and his father’s life partner Jeremy.

Apartment 23
After a naïve Midwestern girl’s big city dreams are dashed her first week in New York, she finds herself living with her worst nightmare in this hilarious, contemporary comedy about a female odd couple who are surrounded by an outrageous cast of characters.

Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea
Inspired by the best-selling book from comedienne/talk show host Chelsea Handler (“Chelsea Lately”), the new comedy “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea”, follows the exploits of twentysomething bartender Chelsea a strong-willed force of nature who is determined to live life to the fullest and make no apologies. Her friends are along for the ride but they all know it is Chelsea’s way or the highway.

After Detective Michael Britten wakes up from a car accident with his wife and teenage son, he learns the devastating news that his wife died in the crash. Trying to put the pieces of his life back together, he wakes up a few days later to realize that his wife is very much alive and his son died in the accident! Did he lose his wife or his son? Or neither of them??

On the surface, Alex and Pete could not be more different. The recently divorced Alex is a resilient and tough lawyer who now is raising her eight-year-old daughter, Charlie, as a single mom. Unwilling to let anything get in her way, she downsizes into a smaller house, and she hires Pete, a recovering gambling addict and unapologetic womanizer, as the contractor to re-do her kitchen. The remodeling job is Pete’s last chance to prove that he is no longer a screw-up — but he doesn’t know what’s about to hit him when he encounters the force of nature that is Alex — nor does she realize that she’s met her match in Pete, a man unafraid to call out her flaws.

Best Friends Forever
When Jessica’s husband files for divorce, she immediately seeks comfort and flies across the country to move back in with her best friend, Lennon. Unfortunately, Lennon’s boyfriend, Joe, has just moved into the apartment and has turned Jessica’s old room into his perfect home office. As Lennon and Jessica fall into their old routines — beloved traditions, Steel Magnolia marathons and epic girl-talk sessions — Joe begins to feel as if he’s the odd man out. While Lennon struggles to find balance between her previous life with Jessica and her new life with Joe, Jessica’s reentry to single life is complicated by the unresolved feelings that an old friend, Rav, has for her and the fact that pleated khakis aren’t the most flattering single girl look.

Big in Japan
The comedy centers on the members of a boy band who disbanded after a dreadful concert 20 years ago.

Body Of Proof
Dr. Megan Hunt was a top neurosurgeon until a car accident ended her career as a surgeon. Now that she can no longer help the living, Dr. Hunt is Philadelphia’s most notorious medical examiner. Although she’s amazing at her job, Dr. Hunt’s reputation of being difficult precedes her wherever she goes. She’s never encountered a boundary that she wouldn’t cross. Her powerful boss tries to protect her as long as she doesn’t step too hard on the wrong toes. Although he grudgingly acknowledges her skill, seasoned police detective Bud Morris is not as enthralled with her methods.

Charlie’s Angels
Three tough females work as private invesitgators in Miami getting instructions from their boss Charlie; who only communicates through a speaker box. They are aided in their missions by Charlie’s right-hand man Bosley. [This is an updated re-working of the 1970’s hit TV series “Charlie’s Angels”]

Free Agents (US)
Alex is recently divorced, and Helen lost her fiance a year ago. Obviously, these two are definitely not ready to be dating again. So naturally, they end up in bed together one night. Oops. And they’re co-workers. Double oops. At least they have one thing in common: they’re both in need of getting back on the horse again but unable to figure out how.

Friends With Benefits
Dating is difficult. In fact, many times it’s so uncomfortable that you have to look for creative ways to unwind after an unsuccessful night out. Ben, Sara, Hoon, Aaron and Riley are a group of close friends who do just that. After a bad date, they turn to each other for moral (and sometimes physical) support. Hey, what are friends for?

Good Christian Belles
Amanda Vaughn, once the ultimate high school “mean girl,” is forced to return home in disgrace after her marriage ends in scandal. Amanda is nothing like the girl she was 20 years ago, but as her old classmates reacquaint themselves with the new Amanda, will her home town welcome her with open arms or seek revenge? No one in this town is a saint, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a heart. As Amanda and her teenage kids try to adjust to their new lives, the ladies from her past alternate between sympathy and scheming.

Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) thought he was ready for the grim reality of working homicide in Portland, Oregon. That is, until he started to see things… things he couldn’t quite explain. Like a gorgeous woman suddenly transforming into a hideous hag, or an average Joe turning into a vicious troll. Then, after a panicked visit from his only living relative, Nick discovers the truth about his visions: he’s not like everyone else, he’s a descendant of an elite group of hunters known as “Grimms” who are charged with stopping the proliferation of supernatural creatures in the world. And so begins his new life journey – albeit a reluctant one at first – as he solves crimes with his partner who knows something about Nick has radically changed but can’t quite put his finger on it. Along the way, Nick finds himself unexpectedly getting help on some of the more difficult cases from Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a guy who seems normal at first but is soon revealed to be what you might call a “big bad wolf.” Literally!

Happy Endings
When life throws you for a curve, hold on tight to the people you love. Every circle of friends has someone who’s the gravitational center. For years, perfect couple Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they’ve split, does this group have the stuff to stay together? Or do Max (Adam Pally), Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.), Jane (Eliza Coupe) and Penny (Casey Wilson) have to choose sides? Suddenly every event is a negotiation… like, who gets to go on the annual ski trip? There are a lot of big questions to be answered, but this group has been together so long, somehow, little by little, they’ll figure out how to hold on, even though their center is split up. It helps that Dave and Alex have agreed to stay friends. But there will definitely be other complications down the road. This show isn’t afraid to ask the embarrassing personal questions that inevitably arise in every long-term, close-knit group of friends.

Hard Cover
The best undercover operative can blend in anywhere and be completely unassuming. Then who better to go on assignment than a middle-aged Mom working with a rogue FBI agent?

Hart of Dixie
Fast-talking New Yorker and brand new doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) has it all figured out – after graduating top of her class from medical school, she’ll follow in her father’s footsteps and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But when her dreams fall apart, Zoe decides to accept an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work with him at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Zoe arrives in this small Gulf Coast town only to find that Harley has passed away and left his half of the medical practice to her in his will. She quickly finds that Southern hospitality isn’t always so hospitable – the other doctor in town, Brick Breeland, is less than pleased to be sharing the practice with this young outsider, and his daughter, Lemon (Jaime King), is a Southern belle whose sweet disposition turns sour when she meets Zoe. Zoe’s only allies are the mayor, former football star Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), her bad-boy neighbor Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel), and handsome lawyer George Tucker (Scott Porter) – who just happens to be Lemon’s fiance. Zoe is out of her element and ready to pack her bags, but a surprise visit by her snobby New York mother leads to Zoe’s decision to stay in Bluebell for a while, discovering small-town life and a side of herself she hadn’t known was there.

House of Cards
The program centers on a recent college grad searching for love while working at a greeting card company.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
The show will follow two mothers who fear their daughters are turning into the kind of girls who tormented them in high school. The fears would come quickly when Annie Watson (Jaime Pressly), who grew up in a ultra-strict conservative family, begins to notice that she has allowed her daughter Sophie (Kristi Lauren) to do what she wants to do, which she takes advantage of by embarrassing and mocking her mother, while best-friend Nikki Miller (Katie Finneran), who grew up unpopular and overweight and has reinvented herself as a Southern Belle, begins to notice how manipulive her daughter Mackenzie (Aisha Dee) has become. Even the ex-husbands are not much of a father figure: Annie’s ex Matt is too clueless, prompting his lawyer brother Jack to step in (and become a object of Annie’s crush) while Nikki’s ex Gary is letting their complicated relationship become more complicated in the parenting department. These situations are among the major challenges Annie and Nikki must face to keep the daughters from turning into the people they were afraid of when they were their daughters’ age.

Last Man Standing
Men may have built civilizations, invented the locomotive and created ESPN, but they’re about to find out that it’s not a man’s world anymore. You can’t get manlier than Mike Baxter (Tim Allen). He’s the marketing director for an iconic outdoor sporting goods store, he loves to have adventures while he’s traveling for work and, of course, he drives a pick-up truck. While Mike is king of the hill at work, he’s the odd man out in a home that is dominated by women — namely his wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), and their three daughters, 22- year-old Kristin (Alexandra Krosney), 17-year-old Mandy (Molly Ephraim) and 14-year-old Eve (Kaitlyn Dever). After being a stay-at-home mom for years, Vanessa recently returned to the workplace and was quickly promoted (much to the dismay of her primarily male co-workers). As a result of Vanessa’s increased work load, Mike is pulled into more hands-on parenting than ever before

Love Bites
An hour-long romantic comedy.

M. Deity
A doctor who worked hard to save many lives following Hurricane Katrina eventually is slowed down by hospital bureaucracy.

Man Up
The series revolves around the lives of three guys with questionable childish behavior and lifestyles who decide its time to do the one thing they had forgotten to do: act like real men. But they need to grow up a little before that can happen, even at their age.

Napoleon Dynamite
An animated serie of the 2005 motion picture. Much of the original cast agreed to reprise their roles. This includes Jon Heder as Napoleon, Efren Ramirez as Pedro, Aaron Ruell as Kip Dynamite, and Jon Gries as Uncle Rico.

Necessary Roughness
The series centers around a tough Long Island divorcee who, in order to make ends meet, gets a job as a therapist for a professional football team. Her career begins to take off when athletes, musicians, politicians and other celebrities start to request her tough love therapy. She must learn to balance her new career with being a single mother.

New Girl
The serie will follow Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), a well-liked, bubbly and adorable woman in her late 20s who is trying to get over her surprise breakup with her model boyfriend. She eventually finds a new place to stay when she moves in with three single guys; Nick (Jake M. Johnson), a bartender, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), a professional and modern-day casanova, and Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.), a former athlete turned trainer. Rounding out this unlikely bunch is Jess’ street-smart model friend Cece (Hannah Simone). Together, this group of friends try to help Jess learn a lot about love, life and mostly about herself, while at the same time learn a lot about themselves.

On We Go
A clever-sounding comedy about an actor (Nathan Lane) who has spent his entire career thwarted by the fact that he looks exactly like the actor Nathan Lane. In the series, Lane’s character returns to his hometown in Texas after his father’s failing health forces his dreams of being a Broadway star to be put on hiatus.

Once Upon A Time
The series is loosely inspired by the classic fairy tale stories except set in the present day, hence the series name. The stories hold a key to the mystery that will draw a bail bonds collector and the son that she gave up for adoption 10 years earlier to a New England town called Storybrooke, Maine. This town is actually a parallel world in which fairy tale characters look like normal people and don’t remember their true identities or anything about their true lives.

Pan Am
Pan Am will focus on Pan-American World Airways, one of the most successful of the United States airlines until its collapse in the 1990s. The series takes place in the ’60s.

Person of Interest
Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson) is a mysterious billionaire who has developed a computer program that predicts future crime victims. Finch hires Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former CIA agent presumed to be dead, to help stop those crimes, using Finch’s resources and tech savvy and Reese’s skills and knowledge.

Prime Suspect
If being a homicide detective in New York isn’t tough enough, having to contend with a male-dominated police department to get respect makes it that much tougher. And that’s exactly what Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) has to do. She’s an outsider who was just transferred to a new precinct where a fraternity of cops isn’t willing to give her the benefit of the doubt – especially given the way they think she got the job after an illicit affair with her boss.

Regular Einstein
Regular Einstein from Burn Notice writer-producer Nick Thiel is about the only non-genius member of the Duncan family, Eninstien Duncan, who utilizes his family members’ great intellect in his role as a police detective.

A mysterious woman, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), arrives in the Hamptons seeking revenge on the people who destroyed her family.

Twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) have been at odds and find that their lives are both unraveling at the same rate. Bridget is wanted for murder and in order to survive she takes over Siobhan’s life after she mysteriously disappears. She soon discovers her estranged sister’s life isn’t as mundane as she had once thought.

A former media relations consultant to the President, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) dedicates her life to protecting and defending the public images of our nation’s elite. After leaving the White House, the power consultant opened her own firm, hoping to start a new chapter — both professionally and personally — but she can’t seem to completely cut ties with her past. Slowly it becomes apparent that her staff, who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, can’t quite fix the ones closest at hand — their own.

Silent Partner
Silent Partner is an hour-long legal drama that centers on a Florida-based attorney and his outsourced legal assistant who still lives in India.

The show revolves around a group of characters who come together to put on a Broadway musical, which will be based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. But before that can happen, the people who will try to bring it all together must deal with their own personal acts.

The series follows a divorced father who decides to get away from New York City to the suburbs so he can give his 16-year-old daughter a better life. However, the move to ‘burbs has the daughter wondering if they just entered the world of The Stepford Wives after they see how ‘perfect’ their new locale is, right down to the neighbors who welcome them into the cul-de-sac.

In Suits, one of Manhattan’s top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out te recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him – a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he isn’t actually a lawyer, this legal prodigy has the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to serve justice and save their jobs, both these unconventional thinkers must continue the charade.

Terra Nova
The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction. In an effort to save the human race, scientists develop a portal allowing travel 85 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth. The Shannon family (father Jim (Jason O’Mara), his wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn), and their three children Josh (Landon Liboiron), Maddy (Naomi Scott) and Zoe (Alana Mansour)) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway. However, they are unaware that the colony is in the middle of a group of carnivorous dinosaurs.

TGM (Thank Goodness its Monday) focuses on the weekends of busy parents who dream of returning to work to escape the madness of their children’s insane schedules.

The Enclave
A limited series, which revolves around a family forced to move from their home to a new community where nothing is as it seems.

The Exceptions
The socialite daughter of the Mayor of New York City has been sentenced to jail based on fake charges and uses her social status to help solve cases like hers that leave people wrongfully accused.

The Finder (US)
The Finder will focus on Walter Truman, a Florida private detective played by Geoff Stults. The new series is based off a pseudo-crossover that appeared on Bones.

The Firm
The show picks up on the story of Mitchell Y. McDeere and his family ten years after the fictional setting of the 1991 novel and 1993 film.[1] Both the novel and the film recounted the story of an upstart attorney who unknowingly was hired by an organized crime enterprise’s legal team.

The Killing
Set in Seattle, Washington, the series follows the police investigation, the grieving family and the suspects, after the homicide of a young girl, Rosie Larsen.[1] Each of the 13 episodes chronicles one day of the investigation.

The Playboy Club
Step inside the seductive world of the Bunny, the epitome of beauty and service, and rub shoulders with the decade’s biggest mobsters, politicos and entertainers. With all these larger than life ambitions, there are even greater secrets. Like when innocent new Bunny Maureen (Amber Heard) – who wants to take the world by storm – accidentally kills one of the Windy City’s most powerful mafia bosses… and the only person capable of covering it up and protecting her is Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian), a man who once worked for the mob but is about to run for district attorney. Bunny Alice (Leah Renee) is married but hiding an explosive personal life while Bunny Janie (Jenna Dewan) is running from a past that threatens to catch up with her. It seems everyone has a secret – none more so than Maureen, who may not even be the innocent orphan she appears to be. Thank goodness Hef’s Playboy Mansion is open after hours for a little R&R… and burying your past.

The Protector
The Protector centers on divorced mother Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker), a LAPD homicide detective who attempts to juggle her personal and professional life with the help of her troubled younger brother, played by Chris Payne Gilbert. Tisha Campbell-Martin and Miguel Ferrer will also star.

The River
The series will follow the search for a famous television host, a popular explorer/wildlife expert who was last seen traveling down the Amazon River in the middle of South America and disappeared without a trace. Six months later, his wife and son receive a beacon signal from him, indicating that he might be alive. This prompts the two to assemble a television documentary crew to follow his last known whereabouts, unaware that once they reach the location of where he was last seen that they’re in for a horrific surprise that they were not expecting.

The Secret Circle
Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) was a happy, normal teenage girl – until her mother Amelia dies in what appears to be a tragic accidental fire. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane (Ashley Crow) in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington – the town her mother left so many years before – where the residents seem to know more about Cassie than she does about herself. As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana (Shelley Hennig) and her handsome boyfriend Adam (Thomas Dekker), brooding loner Nick (Louis Hunter), mean-girl Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and her sidekick Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they’ve been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them – until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers. But it’s not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother’s childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don’t yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana’s father and Faye’s mother – and that Cassie’s mother’s death might not have been an accident.

The Special
The Special, about a LAPD Homicide detective suffering from hypomania, a condition that causes a lasting euphoric or, in this case, overly optimistic mood.

Up All Night
Reagan (Christina Applegate) and her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), are the proud new parents of baby Amy. She may have been unexpected, but life’s curve balls can be a godsend, literally. Unless you have a career that needs attention, which is exactly what Reagan has. So, bucking tradition, they decide Reagan’s the one going back to work while Chris is going to be the stay-at-home dad. Easy, right? Well, not quite.

Back at work at her high-pressure job, Reagan immediately feels the push and pull of motherhood and career while her self-involved co-worker, Ava (Maya Rudolph), can’t believe her best friend now has a baby (nor can she even remember if it’s a boy or girl!) Then her Facebook-generation assistant reminds Reagan of the free-wheeling lifestyle she and Chris once had. She also remembers that no matter how rowdy the partying once was, she always managed to get home, something that makes her very proud.

Determined to prove that she and Chris still have a hot love life, and that she can be the perfect wife, mother, and career woman, Reagan spins a little out of control. But she eventually realizes that Amy is her new number one priority and somehow everything (except maybe Chris) is going to take a backseat to their new bundle of joy.

We the Jury
A half-hour comedy about the joys of being sequestered during an O.J. Simpson-like murder trial.

After going to yet another one of their friends’ weddings, Whitney (Whitney Cummings) realizes that she and Alex are dangerously close to relationship boredom. She sees it happen all the time: pretty soon you’re not dressing up for each other, you’re not having enough sex, and you start fighting. Determined not to let that happen to them, Whitney consults her close circle of (opinionated) friends and snaps into action. A few awkward sexy costumes and one botched seductive evening later, they end up in the ER after Alex gets a concussion from a compromising position. Not exactly the mind-blowing experience she wanted, but you know what? That’s all right. Their relationship might not be perfect on paper, but it works and they really do love each other.

Winslow will tell the story of alcoholic (is there any other kind?) private detective Jimmy Winslow, who is dealing with the triple-threat of seemingly insurmountable debt, an imprisoned father and an ex-girlfriend he can’t help but try to win back.

Work It
With unemployment an ongoing issue and women now outnumbering men in the workforce, “Work It” follows two alpha males who realize the only way to beat the current “mancession” and land a job in pharmaceutical sales is to pass themselves off as women.

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